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Illustrated Guide of Plants

  • \{\{Image icon/en.gif}} Red Clover (Family: Fabaceae; Trifolium pratense)
  • \{\{Image icon/jp.gif}} Amana (Family: Liliaceae; Amana edulis)
  • \{\{Image icon/jp.gif}} Crystalword (Family: Ricciaceae; Riccia fluitans)
  • \{\{Image icon/jp.gif}} Utsugi (Family: Saxifragaceae; Deutzia crenata)
  • \{\{Image icon/jp.gif}} Bur Clover (Family: Fabaceae; Medicago polymorpha)
  • \{\{Image icon/jp.gif}} Kusaboke (Family: Rosaceae; Chaenomeles japonica)
  • \{\{Image icon/jp.gif}} Japanese Honeysuckle (Family: Caprifoliaceae; Lonicera japonica)
  • \{\{Image icon/en.gif}} Hananigana (Family: Asteraceae; Ixeris dentata var. albiflora f. amplifolia)
  • \{\{Image icon/jp.gif}} Daisy Fleabane (Family: Asteraceae; Erigeron annuus)
  • \{\{Image icon/jp.gif}} Murasakikeman (Family: Papaveraceae; Corydalis incisa)

*The flag icons shows what language is written in the description. If there is a Japanese flag, its description isn't written in English but in Japanese.
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