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About us

Researching to save nature and living things in and around Ikeda.

  • Make list and map of living things. -- (partnership with many specialist, fancier and citizenly.)
  1. Take part in "Research dandelions in Osaka in 2000",and make maps of four dandelions in Ikeda.
  2. Research and make a map of crabs in Ikeda.
  • Make a red data book in Ikeda and maps of rare living things.
  • Make lists of stratum, fossil,mineral and natural scenery should be saved.
  • Research how to save and propagate rare living things.
  • etc...

Work up relevant organization about conserving living things
and environment should be saved, and project we act independently.

  • Project to save and propagate firefly.
  • Project to conserve environment in close to Mt.Satsuki.

Collect observations on nature of Ikeda,
and inform institute, organization, and citizen.

  • Inform school(mainly elementary school)with in the city on nature of Ikeda.
  • Ansewer inquiry, guide, and referral.
  • Build homepage "Ikeda no shizen to ikimono tachi."
  • Inform and collaborate with researcher.

Observation, exhibition, information activities
by diverse media to come across and obtain cooperation
on activities or purpose of this association.

  • Manage observations. (independently or cosponsor with other group)
  • Dispatch lecturer to natural events.
  • Publicity work on nature in Ikeda by bulletins and other media.
  • Exhibition on nature in Ikeda, in each place.
  • Introduce nature or living things in other group.

Have group and individual who approve us join this association,
and make exchanges active by events and bulletins.

Etc... Manage indispensable for the attainment of our goal.

  • Exchange information with people and specialists who preserve in each place.
Cache: Yes